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Writing your own wedding invitations

In distributing invitations for a wedding, it is best that these be given out five to six weeks before the actual wedding ceremony. This is in order to enable your guests have lots of time to prepare for any arrangements they have in traveling.

First things first, before actually writing the wedding invite, it should first be decided who it is that will announce the wedding. Will it be the parents of the couple? Or would it be the groom and bride themselves.

Then, try to determine how the invite will be. Would it be a formal or an informal one? Do you find it easy to say Mr and Mrs so and so humbly request your presence? Or would a casual statement such as “join us please” sound better? To make it easier for you to decide, the former is most used when the wedding is to be held in a place for worship. If not, other less formal phrases and statements can be used.

Meanwhile, for invites that are more traditional, list the name of the bride as well as her first name and the middle name, after the names of her parents. The names of the parent’s groom may also be listed as the following: “son of Mrs and Mr William Roberts.”

Also, do not forget to write the date of the wedding event on the invite. List it down as: “Monday, the eight of May, two thousand five.” Also, try not to forget the wedding ceremony’s time, such as: “at nine o’ clock.”

The place and the complete address of the location should also be listed on the invite. The best way to make the location of the wedding event be known is to enclose a map of the place separately on the invitation as well as a card to be used as a reply that is self-addressed.

Believe it or not, weddings that are informal or small may be announced through an invitation that are handwritten and not printed or engraved. Designing such wedding cards and wedding invites are only limited by one’s imagination. Feel free to be creative when doing so.

Any guests in the wedding, their names must also be included on the wedding invitation’s envelope. However, try as much as possible to not include terms that are impersonal. The following terms must be avoided: “and family.”

However, if you feel there is a need for you to depart or be different from the crowd and avoid the traditional words and statements used in a wedding invite, it is best that you consult the stationer you trust for any ideas. Or, you could also look to other wedding invites that you have received and then could you make the decision to do the ones you think are best.

Cards used for the responses of guests may be placed along with the invitations. Just make sure that these cards have a number at the back of each of its corners. These numbers should correspond to the specific names of the guests in a master list so if ever that these cards are returned, you could easily refer to the list to check who the card was from. This is just in case the penmanship on the card turns out to be unreadable.

All in all, wedding invitations are easier to do if you just put your mind to it. Your only limitation is your imagination. Just remember to be creative as you can possibly be.

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